Preventing stunting in Yapen is a shared responsibility

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SAIRERINEWS.COM – National Nutrition Day (HGN) 2023 is celebrated today, Wednesday (25/1/2023). The theme for this year’s HGN is Animal Protein to Prevent Stunting.

With the theme of National Nutrition Day January 25 2023, it is hoped that this will serve as an invitation to the public to prevent stunting in growing children.


Prevention of stunting in the Yapen archipelago district is a joint concern of the local government.

Last October 2022, the acting Regent of the Yapen Islands Cyfrianus Y. Mambai held a meeting with 11 Village Heads and the community in Angkaisera District. The meeting was held in order to discuss the problem of stunting and malnutrition in the Yapen Islands Regency.

This has become one of the priority programs of the regional government because of its long-term impact, so that continuous intervention is needed to prevent and reduce stunting rates in Indonesia and it is necessary to realize that in overcoming the problem of stunting, cooperation from various development sectors is needed.

Acting Regent Cyfrianus Y. Mambai explained that the problem of stunting is a joint task where the causes of stunting in children are very complex and multi-layered, although in general the main causes are malnutrition in mothers and children, inadequate intake of nutritious food and socio-cultural diseases. For this reason, it is hoped that the regent can supervise each village to allocate funds for nutrition and stunting improvement in each village.

The Head of the Yapen Islands District Health Office has also prepared a number of priority programs which will be the focus of 2023 to improve health services for the community.

The Head of the Health Office, Karolis Tanawani said that out of 160 villages in the Yapen archipelago district there were 22 locus of stunting, so the actions or interventions carried out by his party, first by doing how to change their nutritional status by spurring in providing high nutritional intake for babies babies, both malnutrition and stunting.

“We will continue to provide PMT (Supplementary Feeding) through the existing allocation of funds in 2023 at the Health Service, we will prepare PMT and PMB,” he said,

Intake of additional food, continued Tanawani; prepared so that a good source of funds from the Ministry goes directly to the Puskesmas in the form of B.O.K funds or non-physical special allocation funds, this year it goes directly to the Puskesmas, we will also support the general BK allocation funds in the Health Office.

We will prepare Supplemental Feeding so that we will provide good nutritional intake to babies who are experiencing malnutrition, pregnant women and then we also have people with HIV/AIDS patients we will provide a lot of this so we hope that by they get good nutrition, take medicine regularly, so it is hoped that body growth or nutritional improvement will occur in them so that they can recover and return to their activities, be productive for their families and in the community, which can benefit all of us, as well as the Yapen Islands district government.” (*)

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