Yapen Education Office Inspects Location, Teacher’s House in Warironi

SAIRERINEWS.COM – Direct observation by the head of the Education and Culture office as well as the governance division and members of the Commission 3 Yapen Islands DPRD, is looking for the right solution to solve the problem of customary land issues at Waroni Middle School, Ampimoi Bay district.

The barricading of the teacher’s house was carried out by the owner of customary rights, Arius Taran, because he thought that the government was using his land without proper relinquishment and payment.


As a result of the blocking of the teacher’s official residence, the process of teaching and learning activities became an obstacle.

Pemalangan Rumah Guru di Salah Satu Sekolah di Waroroni – Distrik Teluk Ampimoi

Direct visits to locations and meetings with customary rights owners. This meeting was also witnessed by the community and students’ families.

From the results of the meeting, the owner of the hulayat rights agreed to open the barrier. As well as re-measuring the area of ​​land that is claimed to have not been paid by the government.

The Head of the Education and Culture Office, Zakarias Sanuari, said that the action of blocking the teacher’s house had been directly reviewed. So there is a mutual agreement to open the barrier.

The solution is to re-measure the land area, “if the re-measurement later shows that the area has not been paid for, the government is ready to pay, but if in the measurement it is found that the area has been paid for, the family is ready to accept it, if not, then please take the court route because the government does not can pay for the same location twice,” explained the head of the Education and Culture office, Zakarias Sanuria (*)

Iqi Aninam