No Clarity on Customary Rights “Teacher’s House in Warironi Closed”


SAIRERINEWS.COM – The owner of Ulayat Rights, Arius Taran in Teluk Ampimoi District, Warironi Village, asked the Yapen Islands District Government because of his customary land.

Arius Taran’s family’s customary land was used to build 3 teachers’ houses. Because there was no clear release and proof of payment, the Warironi Middle School teacher’s house was finally closed, Thursday (12 January 2023).

Arius Taran, to the media, admitted that he was the owner of the customary rights where the teacher’s houses as many as 3 kopels were built in Warironi Village which had been used by the government for 8 years and felt very disadvantaged.

He, as the oldest owner of the school building construction site, was not in the least bit involved in efforts to relinquish customary rights from the legal owner.

“So far the government has only used land as long as it is used, but its obligations have not been fulfilled, as if the land had no owner. We have to come begging in front of the government to demand payment,” he said.

Arius also added that people’s demands must be considered immediately. The government must be keen to see this problem and also have a way out so that no party feels disadvantaged in the development process.

“The government before carrying out development must consider everything well so that in the future it does not cause problems like this. We as customary owners, to be honest we are disappointed,” said Arius.

The family that owns the customary rights will continue to close the teacher’s house if the government does not consider this matter, it will file a lawsuit in court. (*)

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