Meeting Menpora, Persipura Hopes There Is A Solution

SAIRERINEWS.COM – A number of Indonesian League 2 clubs, including Persipura Jayapura met the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali on Monday (16/1/2023).

In the meeting which took place at the Kemenpora Office, Persipura Manager, Yan PMandenas conveyed his grievances, including requesting that the 2022-2023 League 2 be continued.

As is known, PSSI has indeed terminated Leagues 2 and 3 2022-2023 with various considerations. However, Liga 1 continued, but without relegation.

Seeing PSSI’s decision, Yan Mandenas hopes that the Menpora can provide the best solution so that League 2 can resume. The reason is, the dismissal of the competition was a heavy slap for the contestants.

“We met with the Menpora, we only have one goal, namely that League 2 can be continued. This is because the competition is already running. Unless the competition has not yet been played, it will be played,” said Yan Mandenas in Jakarta, Monday (1/16/2023).

Yan Mandenas welcomed the Menpora’s desire to respond to this issue. Therefore, he is waiting for further news regarding this matter after the meeting.

Thank you Mr. minister for finding solutions for the clubs, both League 1, League 2 and League 3. We also represent the players and convey the hopes of all our friends,” said Yan Mandenas.

Yan Mandenas said he was not concerned about Liga 2 changing operators or not. Because, most importantly the competition will run soon.

“I think if you want to change operators (or not) the important thing is that the league continues. Anyway, the league continues clearly,” concluded the Persipura manager. (*)

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